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Anthony Crupi

Sports Media Reporter

Anthony Crupi has covered the sports TV marketplace for the better part of a decade, an expanse of time marked by whiplash disturbances in content distribution, consumer habits and commercial avoidance. For much of that span he has examined sports through the lens of the advertising business, which is more or less the intersection of Eros and Mammon, a dimly lit crossing where manufactured desire is sated by imbecilic consumption. Prior to joining Sportico, he was an unlikely fixture at Ad Age since 2014; before that, he put in 10 years as an editor and senior reporter at Adweek and Mediaweek. He got his start as a media journalist at the no-longer-extant Primedia trade Cable World, a role he stumbled into after his cushy and preposterous dot-com 1.0 gig imploded at the tail end of 2000. His byline has appeared in a number of print publications, including at least two or three that are still in business. Before embarking on his career in journalism, he ran a bar on Martha’s Vineyard for three years, which is probably as good as it’s ever going to get. In accordance with some kind of immutable and stupid law, he lives in Brooklyn.

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