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The average Premier League club is worth $1.51 billion, according to data compiled by Sportico. Manchester United ranks first at $5.95 billion, while Bournemouth ranks last at $145 million. Below are the values of the league’s 20 clubs, which are collectively worth more than $30 billion.

To derive the market value of the 20 Premier League franchises, Sportico calculated each team’s
revenue, relying on publicly available information and financial records. Revenue totals were subject to
a team-specific multiplier, which remains the standard metric for valuing sports teams in transactions.
Earnings can have dramatic fluctuations from year to year, based on player spending and special

We conducted interviews with those knowledgeable of team finances, including 10 sports bankers and
attorneys who actively work on soccer transactions. We traded candor for anonymity. This information
was vetted by multiple teams, industry experts and investors.

The team-specific multipliers were based on multiple factors, including: historical sales, market (size,
saturation and interest by prospective owners), strength of brand, on-field performance (historical and
recent), terms of facility lease, debt burden and additional obligations, as well as expected future team
and league economics.

The threat of relegation results in a dramatically larger spread in revenue multiples than in U.S. sports
leagues. Multiples ranged from 1.25 times revenue for multiple teams, like Brentford, to 8 for
Manchester United.

Given the business disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic during the 2019-20 and 2020-21
seasons, we utilized the last three full seasons of revenue (2018-19, 2020-21 and 2021-22) and
applied the multiples to that average as a baseline. We adjusted the totals for clubs that were in the
EFL Championship during any of those seasons.

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